Clean-Up Plans
for the
StranjBrew Hoop~Dee~Doo
Center for Enlightenment
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Pre-Emptive Measures: Camp Hoop~Dee~Doo will be a small camp, with more manageable issues than we have dealt with in years previous. Most importantly, we will bring as little trash to the playa as we can to begin with! (Center for Enlightenment concerns will be addressed below)   Heavy duty black plastic bags are our great friends, and we will be bringing lots of those for a variety of uses. 

Event Measures: There will be diligent sweeps for MOOP in and around Camp Hoop~Dee~Doo during the entire week of the Burn.  Trash will be sorted, taking aluminum to the recycling camp, burning what we can, and compacting the rest to be taken to the dumpster of the hotel where we are registered guests post-playa.   Balls will be tethered this year to keep our "art" from becoming someone else's MOOP.  Any balls that show a great predisposition for escape will be reprimanded severely and sentenced to time out.

Clean-Up Measures: Out of our love and respect for the playa, and as a point of personal pride, we will aim to leave the cleanest site of 2004.  Balls will be deflated.  We will be painstaking while breaking down camp, and the 7' dual free-throw machine will be unassembled carefully, making sure all pieces are accounted for and out of there!  The camp will literally be swept with a broom.  Of course, we will do the 2 hour extra sidework, and we are prepared to haul off more that we brought in.

Brownwater Issues: We will use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap exclusively, for all our bathing and cleaning.  Brownwater will be strained and poured into a fountain that we are building, using a solar-powered pump.  We also dip many of our fabrics into this water, and hang them up for the breeze.  The final greywater will be placed in its own evaporation pit.

The Center for Enlightenment: We will be giving away about 750 8" glowsticks / bracelets a night, both for festivity and safety.  Once we have sent the bright little rascals on their way, we have no control over their fates.  We will, however, prominently display a reminder  about their proper disposal, and welcome any further ideas.
(aerial view)