Do you remember a time when a playground was an unlimited expanse and your toys were bigger than you were?  A time when it took two hands to grab onto a ball and all of your might to throw it?  A time when all you had to do was to roll around and just Be all day, your thoughts drifting aimlessly?  Welcome to the StranjBrew Hoop~Dee~
Burningman 2003
Razzle Dazzle
Burningman 2002
Camp Plan
(Aerial View)

Center for Enlightenment
Before Hoop~Dee~Doo
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Center for Enlightenment
Camp Hoop~Dee~Doo will be open 24 hours a day 7 days the week for your recreational or pontifical pleasure.
Playa Enlightenment will commence each evening at Sunset.
This year we will be bringing 2000
Glowsticks to the playa.  Each night we will break out 300 or so to play with for a little while and then they will be given out freely until they're all gone. 
Playa Style!
Doo, where we take our Mindless Play seriously!  We here at Camp Hoop~Dee~Doo have scoured the corners of the Earth to bring to the Playa the finest balls of voluptuous roundocity upon which to contemplate, ruminate and participate.    The world's largest inflatable balls!  Glow in the dark balls!  Yoga balls to bounce on!
Dual-Hoop Free Throw Basketball!
See and Feel the Difference for Yourself!
After Hoop~Dee~Doo!!

Come On Over and Have a BALL !!
HoopDeeVision by John Topper '03
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